BYOL Challenges FAQ

What format should I upload to the site?

You can submit your work as a jpg or png file format.

What is the cost of registering or taking part?

Taking part in the BYOL Challenges is free. Free to register and free to get creative.

When is the deadline and how does it work?

The deadline for each challenge is listed above the video on the BYOL Challenges site for the active challenge. The date will end at midnight for each time zone, no matter where you live in the world. After the challenge ends there will be an After Party where some of the interesting submissions will be discussed. There is a link on the current challenge where you can set an alert to remind you to tune in and watch live.

deadline and how does it work

Can I discuss my design inspiration and ideas when I submit my work?

Yes! We love to read about how you travelled down the design path and arrived at your final submission. You could include things like the skills you used, the tools you used, how you had to learn new skills to achieve something, any hurdles that you had to overcome, or any resources that you used along the way. Sharing the story of design, along with images showing the work process is fascinating and inspiring for us all as designers. So yes, please share.

Can I change my submission if I update my work?

Yes, you most certainly can. Once you submit your work, you are free to submit it again as many times as you wish before the deadline date. You might receive some feedback giving you an idea you never thought about before, so give it a try, if you like it better upload it again. Please keep all previous versions so we can see how your design adapted and changed.

Can I take part after the deadline has passed?

Of course, the great thing is you can challenge yourself to create an amazing portfolio. One of the team will always be around to offer feedback, support and help. Although your work will not feature in the After Party video, it is a great way to challenge yourself, your skills, learn new skills and bring out the best in your own design skills.

Is there a winner for each challenge?

Yes, you! You are the winner for taking part, challenging yourself and your skills in design. It will help to build your skills while helping put together a great looking portfolio. The challenges are not a competition to find the best - just finding the best in you!

Do I need to be at an advanced level to take part?

No, certainly not. All you need is a passion for design and a positive give it a go attitude. The challenges are designed to help you grow as a designer, building skills, learning new skills and tackling design tasks that you never thought about trying before.

What if I do not like the feedback I receive?

Design can be a fickle thing, and as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all see design different and what one person might like, another may not. Much in the same way that one person might like red and another likes yellow. The important thing is that good positive feedback is not criticism, it is aimed at helping you improve. If someone leaves you feedback and you want to try what they suggest then go for it, if not you do not have to do it. It is your design and your rules. Just don’t be rude about each other’s designs and remember, we are all growing and learning together.

Do I have to stick to the design brief given in the challenge?

No of course you don’t, but then why would you not? The idea is that each challenge will work like a design brief or requirement from a potential client or employer. You need to stick to the brief to meet their needs. That does not mean you cannot get creative; it just means it is better to listen to the client and deliver what they want.

What is a Hero and why do I select one?

The hero check box on your submission page is how you select your favourite submission. This is the one you would consider a final image. If you upload some work, then later make some changes you can upload the new work as a version 2, and select the check box for this to be the hero while leaving the other examples for us to see how the design evolved.

Can I upload my work to the Facebook group?

Yes, the more feedback you get the more you can improve your work. This would also be a good way to get help or advice for any problems that may arise as you work on the challenge. Head over to and join our friendly community.

Can I post my work to Social Media?

Yes, it is your work and you own the rights to upload it wherever you wish. It would be great if you could tag Dan in your post using any of the following options:

Don’t forget to us the hashtag #BYOLChallenges

How much time should I spend working on my design?

As much time as you want to spend. You might have a whole day or just an hour, you can spend as much time as you have available on the challenge. Some of us work quicker than others, it’s not a test of speed to see who gets to the finish line first, it’s just testing your own skills and getting creative with some of your time each week.

This week’s challenge is based around software or an Adobe App that I have never used before, can I still take part?

Yes of course you can. You are free to use whatever software and tools are available to you. Maybe it is a great time to learn something new that you might not have tried before. Maybe it is time to brush up on some old skills. If you want to get involved but feel you need to learn more about an Adobe app, there will be some very handy links to some related courses you can take to get you right up to speed.

What are the icons next to profile images?

Star: Bring Your Own Laptop admin or moderators.
Laptop: Anyone with a subscription at